Massage services

Two Asian masseuses lay in a hotel bed

Four hands massage offers customers a luxurious and pleasure packed session as they are treated to not just one beautiful masseuse, but two. During a four hands massage the masseuses can either work on different body parts at the same time or work in a synchronised motion to create maximum pleasure. The extra set of hands means the body is experiencing double the attention, which then in turn provides the customer with double the relaxation and pleasure.

A massage therapist and a male client getting intimate

Having your massage in a body to body styled session is not only arousing but highly relaxing for our customers. Human contact can have many health benefits both mentally and physically and the close skin on skin contact not only feels pleasurable, but also has the ability to reduce stress and calm your nerves. The masseuse uses her whole body to rub against yours, her curvaceous physique reaching all those intimate areas across your body. This massage style will set your pulse racing.

A massage therapists naked bum

Erotic massage therapy offers customers a new and heightening way of experience orgasmic bliss, outside of the bedroom. The masseuse will perform a full body to body massage, relieving any muscle pain or tension, whilst adding a sexual twist to her movements to help you reach arousal. Once you are fully ready, she will massage and treat your intimate areas, helping you achieve multiple intense orgasms.

A masseuse giving a man a full service massage

This massage style is highly popular due to what it entails and the levels of pleasure it can bring customers. The masseuse starts off my performing a sensual, full body to body massage while you are both naked. Due to the intimacy, the customer usually becomes very aroused at this point, which is when the masseuse will incorporate hand relief, oral and intercourse into the session to help you reach climax. The massage can be performed in whatever order the customer prefers, therefore you should let the masseuse know how you like it done.

A masseuse giving a male client a happy ending massage

A happy ending massage is a full body to body massage that is performed while both participants are fully naked, while the masseuse incorporates hand relief to help the customer climax. This is a simple yet effective massage style that is ideal for new customers but just as enjoyable for regulars.

A massage therapist massaging a males naked body

Lingam massage pulls its inspiration from methods and techniques that are used in Tantra. Instead of having the main purpose of providing the customer with physical pleasure, the masseuse brings you on a spiritual journey, connecting the mind, body and soul to bring you a new heightened sense of pleasure. “Lingam” translates into “wand of light,” which is very fitting as the session is centred on the penis. The masseuse passes energy from the “wand of light” into herself and then back and forth between both participants, creating a magical climax for not only the body, but also the mind too.

Nori gel being applied to the back of a client

Although nuru massage therapy originated in Japan, it has become a customer favourite across Asian massage parlours in the west over the last number of decades. This authentic massage style uses Nuru gel that is made from natural extracts and nori seaweed to help the masseuse slip and slide all over you. The gel is clear and odourless but feels incredible on your body while the masseuse reaches all the sensitive areas of your body such as the penis and testicles.

A mans naked bum during a prostate massage

Although many people usually have prostate massages for medical reasons or health benefits, this massage style is highly pleasurable for men as the prostate gland is where the holy “G-Spot” can be found. A prostate massage is very intimate as the masseuse inserts her finger inside the anus and massages gently. However, if this is too much for you, alternatively the therapist can use her knuckles to gently knead across the perineum to relieve pleasure.

A man passionately kissing an Asian massage therapist on a hotel bed

If you are in need of a soothing and relaxing massage session with a sexual twist then a sensual massage can provide you with this. The masseuse will use her gifted touch to rub, massage, caress and press against your skin and intimate areas to help you achieve a state of relaxation. Once your body and mind are fully at rest, the masseuse will then incorporate an erotic twist to spice up the session and give you that extra kick.

A man and a Chinese masseuse who are about to kiss

Tantric massage therapy is a unique style of massage that focuses on the spiritual journey between the masseuse and customer, helping you to achieve pleasure within your mind, body and soul. The aim is not to achieve climax but to take you on  a journey of pleasure from start to finish. You should be mindful of the connection between your mind and body and the ways in which they can complement one another.